Tag: Purdue University

  • Game Theory and Mathematical Economics

    This mentored reading course is intended to provide an introduction to game theory and mathematical economics. This course would be a good fit for both undergraduate and master’s level students in mathematics/statistics who are interested in learning more about how mathematics and statistics are used in economics and related social sciences.

  • Clustering and classification

    A math alliance scholar will be assigned some reading on the foundations of clustering and classification and its use in molecular biology, marketing and other application areas

  • Algebras for Experimental Design

    Experimental design is a fundamental component of any investigation on the causal effects of treatment factors on a response. Algebraic concepts and topics, such as finite fields/Galois field theory, are useful for the construction and characterization of a class of experimental designs, known as fractional factorial designs, that are widely applied in physical experiments. This…

  • Diffeomorphism groups

    Large groups like diffeomorphism groups have rich algebraic, dynamical and topological properties. Studying these groups from any of these perspectives for an example could be a project.

  • Convex optimization algorithms

    This can be reading or research project on smooth or nonsmooth convex optimization algorithms in various applications. Both analysis and implementation will be covered.

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