Introduction to quiver representations

A quiver is a directed graph. A quiver representation is a collection of vector spaces and linear maps; one vector space for each vertex and one linear map for each arrow. In this project, we will focus on a family of “nice” quivers. For these quivers, we can use algebraic and combinatorial methods to describe all representations. The program would involve study from one or more chapters, completing selected exercises from the textbook. At the end of the program, students may write a report (optional) and give a presentation (optional).

  • References: “Quiver Representations” by Ralf Schiffler
  • Prerequisites: Linear Algebra (required), an introductory course in mathematical proofs (very helpful), ring theory and group theory (helpful but not needed)
  • Meetings: Once per week, or once every two weeks during Fall 2022
  • Type: Reading
  • Size: Up to three students

Instructor: Emily Gunawan, Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma

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